About TranSand

TranSand Inc. is a progressive company that was formed to meet the industries need for facilities to store and transfer frac sand. These needs are being meant to help companies with their operations and to enhance their production and profitability.

Frac sand in a very important component in the oil and gas industry….

“To improve production from oil and gas wells, “fracturing pressure”, commonly known as “fracing”, is sometimes used to fracture the rock formations to allow better flow of the hydrocarbons to the wellbore. When the pressure is removed, however, the fracture that was created closes back up which dramatically diminishes the effectiveness of the fracture, so frac sand, a special type of sand, is pumped into the well during the fracturing operation. As the sand is carried along with the fluid into the fracture, it will remain in the fracture when the pressure is removed, keeping the fracture propped open and allowing a good means by which the hydrocarbons can flow to the wellbore.”

Our experiences with the planning, logistics and operations in remote areas have been a great asset to our company and we are able to pass this same knowledge on. Adaptability is just one of our key services that we provide.

TranSand is also aware of the importance for proper communication and the existence of technology in any project that we are involved in.

TranSand is committed to upholding not only our own company values and practices, but those of any other company that we are working with and will instill ethical behaviour and treatment of all personnel. We access local available work force that has the subject matter experts that we would seek in the execution of our contracted work.

TranSand maintains a strict level of confidentiality when dealing with other businesses. We have built a strong and trustworthy relationship with other companies. We are able to consult with all communities that may be affected by the work.

TranSand, your frac sand storage and transfer specialists!

“We do what we say we will do”